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Technology is always advancing and keeping up with it takes a dedicated effort. We are continually investing in equipment and technologies that enable us to offer you the latest in products and services. For us, it's an investment in the future--yours and ours.

We realize that, to most people, the make and model of equipment used doesn't matter. What ultimately matters is the final result. And that's the way it should be. The only thing you really need to know is that we put state-of-the-art technology to work for you and your business.


  • AB Dick DPM 3640 Digital Platemaker

    AB Dick DPM 3640 Digital PlatemakerThe AB Dick DPM 3640 direct-to-plate system allows us to output your digital files directly to polyester printing plates at a 150 line screen, which will give your photo-quality printing at a fraction of the cost and time required when using of using film and metal plates.


  • IKON CPP500

    IKON CPP500The IKON CPP500 is our back up digital color printer and prints at 50 pages per minute. With a large capacity tray (over 2000 sheets) and the ability to handle up to 13x19 paper stock, this is a true production machine. This back up printer helps Minuteman be reliably responsive to our customer's needs even in our busiest time.


  • Heidelberg Printmaster 46-2

    Heidelberg Printmaster 46-2Print quality, range of applications, reliability and simple operation are the criteria that the ideal press must meet to gain a competitive edge. The Heidelberg Printmaster 46 excels across the board, incorporating features--many unprecedented in its class--such as program-controlled printing, fully-automated plate changing with Autoplate, central sheet-size adjustment, monitored sheet control, self-regulated inking and dampening systems, inching and crawl speed modes and automated wash-up devices. With its inherent flexibility, ease of use and numerous automated features, the Heidelberg Printmaster 46 effortlessly achieves reliable, superior quality.
    And we are lucky to have two of these on our press floor!